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What is CoStarting?

CoStarting is a methodology and framework that helps makers and entrepreneurs create and launch products and services. The core pillars are Openness and Collaboration and are embraced with a remote-first mindset.

Multiple creators join a cohort and work alongside one another in a given timeframe to create their projects. Everyone commits their time and money as well as willingness to help the other cohort members.

The decision to be coStarting a project allows you to open up to anyone who wants to become a collaborator. Similar to open source projects coStarting companies embrace the an open an transparent culture beyond just code. Any aspect of the business is open and people can join to collaborate on it.

Remote First
With todays possibilities being better than ever for founders to start companies remotely, and accelerated by the pandemic, we are leaning in and embrace a remote first approach. Our founders could be anywhere in the world. We believe location should not stop you from building something great.

Virtual Coffee Meetings

Monthly Deep Dives

Join us at this virtual get together to talk about our projects, building in public, the CoStarting framework, and just generally cool tech and startup topics.


June 23rd 10:00am EST
Video Content Strategy for your startup - Martin Adams

VCM History Channel
You can watch all the past meetings on our YouTube channel below. We stream live every week to share the wealth of knowledge from out community with the world.

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Words from our participants, supporters and fans.

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CoStarting Cohorts

View all the projects for past and current cohorts below. You can find more information for all the projects in each cohort through the link below. We live stream each weeks check in with all cohorts for you to follow along or re-watch.

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